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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What type of sources & methodology you use?

  1. We utilize data from the demand & supply side and paid databases. All the sources and methodology adopted for gathering data and information are mentioned in our reports.

Q2. Do you provide customization of reports? If yes, how it will be charged?

  1. Yes, we provide customization of reports based on your requirements. It will be charged based on the scope of customization & data availability.

Q3. Can I avail data for particular region or geography?

  1. Yes, we provide data for a particular country and region in our reports as well as customized formats. In our reports, we cover major countries and regions. However, if there is a requirement for a specific region, we would be happy to offer the data.

Q4. Do you provide market share information for a specific country/segment?

  1. Yes, we provide market share information and insights considering the scope. This service is provided as a part of customization requirements.

Q5. Do you offer post-sales support?

  1. Yes, we offer 16 working hours of analyst support to solve your queries. Please get in touch with our sales representatives and a virtual meeting with our analysts will be arranged.

Q6. How do you conduct primary research interviews?

  1. We use tools such as video conferences, telephone calls, face-to-face interview, and questionnaires with key respondents.

Q7. Do you conduct onsite visits for customization, consulting projects, and conferences?

  1. Yes, our highly skilled analysts and experts provide onsite support for customization and consulting. We also attend various international conferences organized for niche markets.

Q8. Do you sell particular sections of a report?

  1. Yes, we provide particular chapters of the report. Please get in contact with our sales representatives for more information.

Q9. What will be the delivery timeframe of customized reports?

  1. Our sales representatives will share the timeframe once the list of customizations is finalized. Kindly get in touch with our representatives for further information.

Q10. How often the reports are updated?

  1. Depending on the need, we update the report every year. Kindly get in touch with our sales team for updates on status of the report.

Q11. Can I get quarterly updates of the report?

  1. Yes, you can get quarterly updates of the report. These updates will be provided with minimal charges. Kindly get in touch with our sales team for more information.

Q12. What if the report I want is not listed in the repository of your reports?

  1. Future Market Consulting has a repository of reports on various industry verticals and not all of them have been listed on the website. Please contact our sales team with your requirements.

Q13. What services are available before the purchase of the report?

  1. We offer targeted and objective-specific studies for clients. You can avail of product review calls with the analyst to gain a perspective. You can state your customization requirements and we will serve you to the best of our capabilities.

Q14. I will likely want to incorporate some market data (e.g., a few graphs) in an internal business case and external presentations. Under the terms of the agreement, are you allowed to use some tables/graphs with appropriate citations?

  1. Yes this can be done after validation of the data at our end.

Q15. While estimating the market size, which price point do you consider?

  1. While calculating market size we consider the Average Selling Price (ASP) of a product/service by the manufacturer. This ASP does not include margins across the downstream of the value chain. In addition, it also does not include taxes and other duties imposed by the regulatory bodies.

Q16. Can FMC help me present my purchased report or study to my seniors/panel?

  1. Yes, this facility can be provided and the time consumed will be counted toward the post-sale support time limit.